First time to our dental office.  Don't worry!  Just read the following information before you come to our dental office.


1. If you have a dental insurance, please bring all information with you at your first visit to our office.  that your insurance gave you You have to book your appointment during our office hours.  We will post our appointment's rules at this page.

Please call us for more appointment information at the present.

Thank you.

Your First Visit Is Important And Informative
The first visit is an opportunity for you to learn about us, and for us to become more familiar with you and your needs.  We will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth and gums.  After the exam, you will be fully informed of our findings and recommended treatment  options.  Adequate time will be available for you to ask questions.  We strive to keep you informed every step of the way.
Strict Infection Control
The office maintains strict standards in infection control.  The latest barrier techniques and methods of sterilization are used in this office.
We Treat You Gently
Our goal is to render dental care without fear, pain, or anxiety.  Local anesthesia (Novocain) is used to block sensations, allowing treatment to be performed comfortably.  Dr. Ming Lo is fully trained in the use of nitrous oxide and intravenous conscious sedation which can be used to help relax an anxious patient.
State Of The Art Care
Like other areas of medicine, and dentistry is advancing at an extraordinary rate.  We can correct conditions today that were not treatable less than ten years ago.  For example, regenerative techniques exist to help restore lost bone.  Plastic surgical procedures may permit coverage of receded roots.  Dental implants may be placed when teeth are lost.  We pride ourselves on taking advanced training in the field of oral surgery and implants.  Dr. Ming Lo attends between 60 and 100 hours each year in continuing education courses



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