We are running on-time

We are proud to all our patients that you are able to be treated on time at your appointment schedule in the most of time.  You are rarely asked to wait for your appointment unless there is some emergency.  Unlike others dental offices, we only book one patient at each time.  If you come  to our office on time, then we are able to treat you promptly.

Diagnosis & explanation

Our doctor spends extra time to find out your illness and explains all details about your dental problems or needs.  We are treating you as a human and we are not commercialisms.

Extended services

Unlike to others dental offices refer you to someone for your dental problems, we provide almost all your dental needs.  To find our dental services, please go to our services page.

Sterile all instruments

All instruments used at our office are sterilized by Autoclave machine that is following Health Canada's guideline.  Autoclave machine is used at hospital to sterile surgical instruments.  The autoclave machine at our office is one of the most advanced models in medical field.  We also check our autoclave machine weekly to see any malfunction.

Up-dated equipments

Once you are in our office, you will see how contemporary our equipments are.  We also well maintain our equipments.

Reasonable fees

Since we are not commercialisms, you are able to find out that our fees are very comparable to others.  Please go to our fees page to find out more.

Comfortable environment

We preserve a lot of space for you.  We also designed  our office with open space concept.  At our waiting area, you will find our newspaper and magazines are currently.  Our bookshelves fill all books which you like to read about.


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 Dr. Lo Dental Office was established in October, 1996 and the grand open was in February, 1997.  Our philosophy of doing dentistry is a high standard dental service with up-dated equipments and skills.  We are not only adding state-of-art equipments every year, but also Dr. Lo is getting certificates of clinical skills constantly.  

Here are some of our unique Characteristics that are different from others dental offices.


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